Super Slumming

Egan/St. James is trying to make a big splash for Sheetz Convenience Stores by not being distinctive.
A new campaign for the 200-store chain was shot on video to parody the programming one might catch on daytime syndicated television, said Lee St. James, executive director of the Pittsburgh agency. The spot shows a televangelist-type character touting the benefits of Sheetz’s touch-screen ordering for fast food.
“We’re trying to play into the idea that this is content, rather than a commercial,” St. James said.
Though the commercial’s production value is low, its profile will not be. It breaks during regional coverage of the Super Bowl later this month, a major coup for the small Altoona, Pa.-based chain.
“It’s a badge of honor for them to get on the Super Bowl,” St. James said. “It’s as important to them [regionally] as it is for Bud[weiser nationally].”
–Aaron Baar