Taco Bell Wraps Its Caesar Salad to Go

SAN FRANCISCO Taco Bell is launching a new chicken Caesar burrito with an advertising campaign set to break Sunday that positions the product as being too tasty to put down.

The commercial, created by Interpublic Group’s Foote, Cone & Belding, San Francisco, features a racecar driver’s pit crew who are so captivated by the taste of the new Chicken Caesar Grilled Stuft Burrito that they can’t stop eating to service the car. “We’re kinda busy right now,” they tell the frustrated driver. The campaign continues Taco Bell’s familiar tagline, “Think outside the bun.”

“The communication we want people to get is that this new burrito is so sensational, they won’t want to put it down,” said Taco Bell representative Laurie Gannon.

The commercial is a continuation of the fast-food chain’s $200 million “Think outside the bun” campaign. This spot will run on network and cable channels through Aug. 9. There also will be a radio spot, Gannon said. The burrito will be for available through Aug. 11 at a price of $2.99.

The restaurant’s new offering is a unique one, Gannon added. “Every restaurant has a Caesar salad now—fine, casual, even fast-food restaurants,” she said. “But this one is different because it’s wrapped in a burrito. It’s very portable.”

Last month, Taco Bell conducted a food survey that found nearly half of Americans—46 percent—said they prefer food “wrapped in a tortilla” when feeling adventurous.