Tag Heuer Goes Digital

NEW YORK TAG Heuer is going digital—and not just with its watches.

The nearly 150-year-old luxury sports watch manufacturer is introducing its first comprehensive online advertising campaign today, initially investing $1 million in the effort. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey owns TAG Heuer.

The launch is timed for the holiday selling season with more than 26 million impressions planned for November and December on Web sites such as NYTimes, Yahoo!, PGA, InStyle, CNNMoney and Style.com.

Jenna Fagnan, vp of marketing at TAG Heuer North America, Springfield, N.J., said the digital initiative adds the next layer on top of print ads and enables the brand to reach consumers where more and more of them are: online.

The interactive advertisements at TAG Heuer.com feature TAG brand ambassadors Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Jeff Gordon, who tout the brand’s philosophy, “What Are You Made Of?” Within their respective ads, the ambassadors describe the challenges they have overcome both personally and professionally and how these feats have shaped what they’re made of. They also discuss the “what are you made of” principles and why they chose to align themselves with TAG Heuer. Bagby & Co., Chicago, developed the online campaign.

The new site also details TAG Heuer’s product lines, with two banner ads on the site that direct visitors to an animated landing page. That page continues the “What Are You Made Of?” story and answers the question in the voice of the highlighted brand ambassador.

TAG Heuer spent $20 million on advertising in 2006, and $10 million between January and August of this year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.