Take a Tour of Dots: The Studio Whose Mobile Games Have Been Downloaded Over 100 Million Times

Inside their bright, minimalist home


Hidden between the hustle and bustle of fashion and nightlife in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, there's a colorful space on West 13th Street—right in the center of the neighborhood. There you'll find Dots, a mobile gaming studio that has released three games (a fourth is in the works) and just launched its second ad, "Play Beautifully."

The interior of the game-maker's workshop is much like the apps it produces: simple, bright and minimalist. The office includes an open floor plan, a sun nook (which also serves as a breakout space) and an internal creative studio where the team comes up with everything from marketing concepts to all of the sounds heard in Dots' games.

"We do play games all day," said CMO Ondriona Monty during Adweek's visit. "We as a company give a stipend for employees to play other people's games, seek inspiration and have a little more fun."

Watch the video above as Monty shows us around.

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