TD Banknorth’s Pick-Up Game

BOSTON Via this week introduced a sports-themed TV campaign for TD Banknorth designed to coincide with the start of the Boston Bruins season. The National Hockey League team plays at the TD Banknorth Garden here.

The commercial consists of humorous 15- and 30-second vignettes involving TD Banknorth’s sports-obsessed employees. In one 15-second spot, “Pick-Up Game,” a group of employees is seen in the middle of a serious meeting when a staffer yells, “Managers versus tellers, let’s go!” The bank employees run out of their offices into a room with a small basketball net and begin to play a rowdy pick-up game.

Another spot, “Rock You,” features a group of bank employees crouching in front of teller windows as if watching a game and pounding out Queen’s “We Will Rock You” on their knees.

The ads use the tagline, “We’re fans, too.”

TD Banknorth, a 4-year-old client of the agency, wants “to resonate with their audience and say we’re like you and understand the fact that they’re part of the community. The spots, together with the relaunch of the Garden, underscore the connection with the audience and builds a high level of comfort and trust,” said John Coleman, CEO and founding partner at Via in Portland, Maine.

The spots are airing on NESN and Fox Sports Network. Print and online components are also in the mix.

In March, Portland-based TD Banknorth inked a 20-year deal to rebrand the 20,000-seat FleetCenter as the TD Banknorth Garden.

TD Banknorth spent about $2 million on ads in 2004 and $1.5 million through July, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.