The First Campaign for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Foodstirs Brand Was Inspired by ‘Bad Moms’

The company wants to demystify baking

The campaign is from Fortnight Collective. - Credit by YouTube: Foodstirs
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Parenting in 2017 isn’t anything like parenting in the 1950s. Neither is baking, according to a new brand campaign from Foodstirs, the organic baking brand from actress and co-founder Sarah Michelle Gellar, co-founder Galit Laibow and co-founder Greg Fleishman.

The company launched its first brand campaign, which is from Fortnight Collective and has the tagline “More flour to ya,” last week. The creative is inspired by the film Bad Moms, which had an “attitude that is more aligned with what [Foodstirs’] consumers’ lives are actually like,” Fleishman explained.

“[Baking] has this myth around it that it’s hard,” Gellar said. “We went to the store and looked at the scratch mix, and we were shocked by what was out there and the ingredients. There wasn’t an accessible, affordable, modern, great-tasting brand.”

Gellar continued: “As we all dug deeper into the category, we realized there was this $5 billion category dominated by these legacy brands who haven’t changed their packaging or their ingredients since they were created in the ’50s, and I think the modern consumer wants something more than that. Our whole idea is to bring the power of baking and put it in everybody’s hands.”

Foodstirs, according to Fleishman, is “literally the most sustainable baking line on the planet.” The brand uses “biodynamic sugar, which is a regenerative form of agriculture. We’re using identity-preserved flour. We’re using the most fairly traded cocoa on the planet right now,” said Fleishman, adding, “having that as part of the DNA of the brand—we’ve found that’s a hook with consumers right now.”

The campaign features a 60-second anthem spot as well as 15-second ads with voiceover work from Gellar. The campaign is digitally focused, with the spots airing online as well as animated GIFs by creative team Adrian & Gidi.

Gellar noted: “I’ve watched my industry change drastically over the last 15 years. I remember when I did Maybelline 100 years ago no one did commercials then if you were an actor. Now you have these platforms, and you can do so much more. I’ve always wanted to do more. I thought producing would satisfy that itch for me, but I still crave more. It’s amazing the similarities and experiences that you can take from one industry and put into a startup.”

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