There Will Be Late-Night Pizza at Cannes

Deutsch LA to the rescue

Searching for an after-hours glass of rosé at Cannes? No problem. The quest for a late-night snack, however, can be frustrating, particularly after midnight.

So, in a public-service effort any hungry festival goer can get behind, Deutsch LA has teamed with a Cannes pizzeria to feed the advertising masses in the wee hours, one slice at a time.

From midnight to 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of festival week, delivery people from Mister Pizza will take to their scooters and hit hot spots like the Gutter Bar to distribute 1,800 slices.

Deutsch LA will pick up the tab—a fact that will become apparent once one sees the boxes, scooters, jumpsuits and helmets of the delivery crew, each sporting the agency’s signature orange and white colors. The agency also created a mobile site ( with an app to locate distribution spots, indicated on a map with icons in the form of pizza slices. Natch.

The idea was borne of the frustration of agency svp Jeff Sweat, who has gone hungry at Cannes in the past. But the spirit is pure camaraderie. “Cannes is about creativity, but it’s also about generosity,” said Deutsch LA CEO Mike Sheldon. “The other 51 weeks of the year, we are beating the shit out of each other and competing, and then that all goes away. … This was a good way to do something for the community.”