This 90-Second Progressive Ad Will Air Just Once, on Tonight’s Thursday Night Football

Insurer doubles down on 'Parentamorphosis'

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Progressive Insurance has long been known for Flo, its bubbly spokescharacter. But recently it’s taken a shine to a second campaign, “Parentamorphosis,” and is about to make a unique media buy supporting it.

The campaign, from Arnold Worldwide, launched last November with a pair of spots in which ordinary folks start turning into their parents after they buy their first home. (While Progressive can’t help you with that problem, the spots said, it can insure that new purchase—and your car as well.)

“Parentamorphosis” continues tonight with a two-minute block of Progressive content launching right before kickoff of Thursday Night Football on CBS. The bulk of the block is a 90-second spot called “Group Session,” in which folks who are turning into their parents meet in a therapy-style circle—and proceed to whip out all sorts of Dad-isms.

A second new spot, a :30 called “Doppledinner,” will also air during the two-minute block.

A rep for Progressive says “Parentamorphosis” is the company’s “most successful campaign to date not featuring Flo.” Thus, the continued investment in it—including the :90, an ad length that’s usually reserved for the more lavish Super Bowl commercials.

Progressive says “Group Session” was cut specifically for TNF, and is not scheduled to air at any other time.

Client: Progressive
Chief Marketing Officer: Jeff Charney
Business Leader Marketing Strategy and Experience: Cat Kolodij
Senior Advisor Marketing Operations: Bruce Perlman
Marketing Planning Manager: Rachel Lindberg
Marketing Specialist: Jennifer Nezovich
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Global Chief Creative Officer: Icaro Doria
Executive Creative Director: Sean McBride
Associate Creative Director: Mike Sullivan
Senior Art Director: Matt McNulty
Senior Copywriter: AJ Warren
Senior Copywriter: Liz Breen
Producer: Sean Vernaglia
Assistant Producer: Jacqui Malis
Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic, Taylor Thomas
Planner: Catherine Sheehan
Marketing: Elliott Seaborn, Val Bettini, Alex McSweeney, Aidan Keefer
Project Management: Erin Sullivan

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.