This Film Festival’s Bleak, Intense Look Into the Future Will Leave You Feeling Frayed

'Quota' is a sci-fi mini-masterpiece

Memories of home haunt the hard-working miners of Newport Beach Film Festival's new short. Newport Beach Film Festival
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As sure as the jacaranda trees bloom every spring in Southern California, the Newport Beach Film Festival launches a quirky, cinematic work of art to promote its weeklong event.

This year is no exception, with a beautiful and brutal 3-minute spot that looks like it could’ve been lifted directly from the mind of Ridley Scott. Instead, it’s the creation of director Jillian Martin, production company and agency Garage Team Mazda in its first campaign for the festival.

“Quota: Who Made the Cut” centers on two beaten-down miners in space suits dangling by ropes from a massive, alien edifice, mining for crystal with hand drills and bad attitudes.

Are they the future’s exploited working class? Prisoners? They may be both. They’re certainly in competition with one another to find a mother lode of the precious substance and earn their way back home.

Their only respite from the bleak, oppressive scenario are VR memories from home now and again, which don’t so much provide the rest they need as remind them of the life they’re missing. Those vivid images they see in their fitful waking sleep—a lover with whip cream on a taut belly, for one—are both a tease and an incentive.

No wonder things get violent.

The ad team had “free range on the creative,” according to Todd Quartararo, the festival’s co-founder and director of marketing, whose execs plucked “Quota” from a handful of contending concepts. Its final shot alludes to just how tough it is to land a slot in a film festival. But there’s likely less blood.

“We believe the quality of our branding should be equal to the exceptional production and creative values our filmmakers bring to the festival,” Quartararo said.

The Orange County-based festival, kicking off April 26, has a longstanding rep for its good taste in commercials, formerly produced by agency RPA. Last year’s “Go Deeper,” mixed live-action and stop-motion elements (and lots of skeletons) to follow a message in a bottle, and previous mini-movies have drawn from horror tropes and bedtime stories.

“We set the bar high,” Quartararo said, with “Quota” “far surpassing our expectations.” The short will screen before each of the 350 films on this year’s festival lineup.


Director: Jillian Martin
Executive Producer: Jim Evans
Producers: Larry Edwards, Christophe Faubert, Denny Kennedy
Editor: Erwin Fraterman

Untitled Inc.
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Effects: Zack Edwards
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Production Assistants: Lauren Gagnon, Sam Berry, Tyler Ryan
Talent: Nate Scholz, Aion Boyd
Site Representative / Still Photography: Kyle Voles
Special thanks to Phedon Papamichael

Garage Team Mazda
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Chief Creative Officer: Erich Funke
SVP Creative Director / Writer: Melissa Webber
ACD / Art Director: Zak Masaki
Writer- Jason Tucker
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Casting: Face In The Crowd Casting
Casting Director: Maryclaire Sweeters

Camtec | Global Effects | Strato | BLM | Nama Guides | Filmtools | Galpin | Quixote | Alan Gordon Enterprises | Bobby Digital

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