Three Olives Vodka, “Cowboys”

Something that’s missing from a lot of TV commercials these days is a strong concept, an idea that persists beyond a single spot and even transcends the ads themselves. Often drowned out in favor of a quick viral hit care of a blow to the crotch, a powerful concept can be the making of a brand. (Think “Where’s the beef?”) With a triptych of new animated spots for U.K. vodka brand Three Olives, M&C Saatchi opts to hijack the classic, corny joke opener which sees three people of some sort walking into a bar. In the first ad, “Cowboys,” shown here, the only line spoken is the introductory one: “Three cowboys walk into a bar.” Six-gun mayhem ensues as the cowboys create their own drinks, and the visual punchline sees one the cowboys dispatch the other two and amass all the libations. The humor will not have anyone holding their sides, but the spot is light enough to withstand multiple viewings, and the play on the number three and its connection with the product name seems like one that will work well. The other two spots in the series, “Sugar Daddies” and “Sportscasters,” hit the same marks. And all are an improvement over the brands previous “O-Face” campaign, which sought the aforementioned viral success with a not-very-original touch of lewdness. —Mike Chapman

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