Tide to Go “Stain Rap”

Tide to Go surprised Super Bowl viewers last year with a breakthrough spot about a talking stain that interrupts a guy’s job interview. Last night, the Procter & Gamble brand introduced the winning commercial in a user-generated spoof contest, a spot called “Rap.” Much like the original, the clip has an office setting. The action begins before the meeting and shows a job candidate spilling coffee on his shirt. The stain then raps about the problem as the guy tries frantically to clean himself up. In this iteration, a smaller version of the Tide to Go stain-fighting pen, the Mini, comes to the rescue. We never do see the actual interview, but the assumption is that the candidate has the confidence to take on anything. Like most UGC efforts, this one looks a bit less than polished. It’s dark and the acting is exaggerated and awkward, which is part of its amateur appeal. But for me, the original stain still talks the loudest. –Eleftheria Parpis