Tough Choices

Would you rather head home to tackle the problem of crabgrass on your lawn, or visit the Oyster Bar & Restaurant to tackle an order of crab cakes?

Those are some of the options presented in McCaffery Ratner Gottlieb & Lane’s new campaign for the famed New York restaurant, which includes two new billboard ads targeting commuters at Grand Central Terminal.

The tagless ads, running on 28 Metro-North train platforms along the New Haven line — to and from Manhattan — each carry the themeline, “Below sea level in Grand Central.”

In one, an arrow pointing toward the suburbs sits by the word “Crabgrass,” while another arrow, by the words “Crab cakes,” points toward the restaurant. Copy below reads: “Your lawn, 43% crabgrass. Our crab cakes, 100% crab.” Another ad has the word “Meatloaf” next to one arrow and “Lobster” by another.

“One [option] you want to get away from, one you’re trying to get,” said Darren Press, copywriter at the New York shop.

He added that one of the ideas behind the work is to remind people of the Oyster Bar’s location, while continuing to focus on the restaurant’s uniqueness and history.

The campaign also includes print ads, which are running in publications such as Adweek, Brandweek and The New York Times.