Turtle Wax Sees Ice as a Clear Winner

NEW YORK Turtle Wax next year will release what it hopes is the iPod of shine: a clear wax that leaves no chalky residue, doesn’t require elaborate buffing and is safe for non-metal surfaces.

The new entry, Turtle Wax Ice, is a departure from traditional waxes, including the company’s other products that leave a whitish residue and are hard to remove from plastic and rubber.

The company will back the product with its largest campaign to date. The effort will include television, print, Internet, grassroots and guerilla marketing, direct mail and promotional tie-ins with famous car customizers like Funkmaster Flex.

Michigan and Trumbull, Chicago, handles advertising. Turtle Wax, which did not divulge spending figures, invested $5 million in measured media last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

A TV spot shows a man in a white coat describing the product, then switches to split-screen visuals of a car treated with Ice versus traditional wax. Another ad demonstrates Ice’s resistance to heat and sun by showing a Jaguar XK being waxed under strong light.

Tom Healy, vp of marketing at the Chicago-based company, said Ice, packaged with a spray version for spot-waxing, would be available at retail starting in Southern markets and nationally by March.

“We see it as an 18-54 male, car-enthusiast product,” said Healy, adding Ice will be pitched to people who park their vehicles outdoors under a hot sun.

To reach traditional urban car buffs, rapper-turned-tuner Funkmaster Flex has signed an agreement to promote the product. He will customize a Turtle Wax-branded 2006 Ford Mustang GT and take it on tour to car and motorcycle shows.