Video Ad Nets Eye Common Ratings Currency

Moving a step closer to establishing a common ratings currency for buying and selling on video advertising networks, 11 media companies representing 22 networks have published disclosure forms for audience research studies conducted by third-party firms.
The Out of Home Video Advertising Bureau created the forms, which provide a brief description of how the research was conducted in keeping with the organization’s Audience Metrics Guidelines adopted last fall.

For each network, the disclosure forms detail which firm conducted the research, the purpose of the study (i.e., audience measurement, reach and frequency, advertising effectiveness), and what metrics were reported, such as traffic counts, dwell times and frequency.

The companies that posted disclosure forms on OVAB’s Web site are Access 360 Media, Adspace Digital Mall Network, Buzztime, Captivate Network, CBS Outernet, Channel M, indoorDirect, Premier Retail Networks, RMG (Reach Media Group), Target Channel Red and Zoom Media & Marketing.

“This announcement marks a significant shift as a large group of networks made the investment to move beyond traffic measures as their media currency to data based on audience impressions,” said Suzanne La Forgia, president of OVAB.

Advertisers that consult the disclosure forms should find it easier to evaluate and compare the research of participating video ad networks.

“The hope is, by being transparent as an industry, it will increase the credibility of the medium,” said Paul Lindstrom, svp of Nielsen, which has conducted research for most of the companies as part of its On Location Media services. “This shines a light on the research that is being done.” Adweek is a unit of the Nielsen Co.

More video ad networks are expected to post research disclosure forms in the coming months, making advertisers more comfortable spending in the nascent medium.

“Networks that provide us audience data make our jobs of incorporating this medium into our overall strategies easier and will give clients more confidence to grow their investments,” said Ryan Laul, managing director for Posterscope’s Hyperspace unit and a member of OVAB’s agency advisory board.

Nielsen Business Media