Video Interview: Big Spaceship

F Train talent gets its own video series

Like many of the firms [included in the Adweek feature Talent Takes the F Train], Big Spaceship started out small—so small, in fact, that when Michael Lebowitz founded it in 2000, his entire staff of two could squeeze into a bedroom in his home in the Brooklyn nabe of Boerum Hill. That he had the bold foresight to christen his company "Big Spaceship" might have been aspirational or cocksure, but regardless, his mission has blasted off. [excerpted from Jotham Sederstrom's cover story from Adweek's April 18-24 issue]

The Dumbo-based agency gets the video treatment in the first installment of this series of Adweek exclusives with the leaders of New York City's new brand of agency.

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