A Vine Influencer Created These Stop-Motion Spots to Encourage Kids to be Drug Free

Campaign asks teens, 'Who controls you?'

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The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has a new campaign for its Above the Influence program that takes stop-motion techniques into a live-action setting. Created entirely pro bono by Boston-based agency Hill Holliday, the campaign is a follow up to the Partnership's emoji-filled campaign targeting millennials. 

To bring the stop-motion campaign "Who Controls You?" to life, the Partnership tapped Vine influencer Maris Jones and production company Adolescent. Jones, who has been using Vine for about a year and a half and experimenting with stop motion all her life, directed the five 15-second spots and one 30-second spot illustrating issues mosts teenagers face: bullying, body image, drugs and drinking.  

"It's really important to spread the message about all these difficulties that kids have, that don't get talked about a lot because they don't seem so important because everyone goes through them," Jones told Adweek. "I hope that by using this visual style we can make [teens] not even realize they're watching something that can help them cope with issues they're dealing with every day." 

"Partnering with a young, talented social media influencer like Maris lent such a unique and authentic voice to the campaign. Combining the extraordinary insight and passion of the Hill Holliday team with Maris' distinct artistry brought an unexpected style to the campaign that makes this creative truly break through," Kristi Rowe, chief marketing officer for the partnership, said in a statement.

The campaign also includes an online video game called #PositivATI. Created in partnership with digital production company We Are Royale, the game channels classic shooting-style video games, but gives players an opportunity to shoot down negative tweets coming in from Twitter. With each negative tweet knocked out of the air, the game will tweet one positive message using a hashtag from the negative tweet, in an attempt to spread positivity through social media.

The Partnership has again teamed up with Horizon Media to secure visibility on teen-targeted TV shows and online pre-roll ads. The campaign will run through the first quarter of 2016. Jones will also trim the 15-second spots, posting six-second Vine videos to her account in the coming weeks.

@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.
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