Wendy’s Pushes a Healthy Agenda With Its First TV Campaign About Delivery

Brand partners with DoorDash to bring salads to your doorstep

The campaign is focusing on some of Wendy’s more nutritious options, including its “Berry Burst” chicken salad. Wendy's
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Wendy’s has partnered with the technology company DoorDash to get more hungry consumers their Wendy’s fix—and it launched a national TV campaign to highlight the news.

This marks the first time Wendy’s is using a TV campaign to discuss delivery services, as well as the first time the DoorDash brand has appeared in a national TV spot.

The partnership kicked off last year when Wendy’s was on the hunt for an exclusive partner to deliver its food to consumers. “What really appealed to us about working with Wendy’s is that they’re very much a quality first business,” said Jen Rapp, vp of marketing, DoorDash. “It meant to us that we were willing to dedicate more resources, more energy and more time to building a really strong partnership.”

But these latest TV spots won’t be showing classic Wendy’s items like french fries and Frosties. Instead, the campaign is focusing on some of Wendy’s more nutritious options, including its “Berry Burst” chicken salad.

Each summer, Wendy’s debuts a new salad to consumers; this year, that salad takes center stage as a quick and healthy delivery option. Another bonus is free delivery when ordering the new salad through DoorDash.

Rapp highlighted DoorDash’s mission, which is “to connect people with possibility.”

“That could mean giving you an hour back in the day, or it could also mean helping you eat a little healthier,” Rapp explained. “What I love about this is that we’re telling that target customer that delivery can be more about pizza or Chinese food, but you can also incorporate delivery into your life in a really healthy way.”

A major mission with this campaign is to show people across the country—not just in major cities—that they can participate in the delivery market, Rapp added.

@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.