Wendy’s Unveils Its First Super Bowl Ad in 50 Years, and It Will Give You the Chills

Because it's set in a freezer

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Wendy’s will turn 50 later this decade, and the fast-food chain has finally decided it’s time to take a bite out of the Super Bowl.

The marketer is set to air the 30-second spot below on Super Bowl LI. And the message is pretty straightforward: While its competitors are busy thawing their frozen beef with hairdryers, Wendy’s serves only fresh meat in its hamburgers.

Check out the spot, from VML (along with director Dan Brown and production company Unheard/Of) here:

The freshness issue has been on Wendy’s mind for a while now.

At the very beginning of 2017, we wrote about the marketer’s amusingly snarky back-and-forth with someone on Twitter who had questioned whether its beef patties are fresh.

Wendy’s did some research that found seven out of 10 consumers don’t believe Wendy’s serves fresh beef. Thus, it was clear to the brand that it needed to get the message out there in a big way.

The Super Bowl spot points to Othr-Guyz.com, which is a parody site of a fictional competitor that serves only frozen patties—amusingly called Freezy Diskz. The site includes a comical video for Othr Guyz that was made last year.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.