What Adweek Means to These Women Trailblazers

The 'go-to bible' of marketing, media and advertising

- Credit by Video: Nick Gardner; Editor: Breana Mallamaci
Headshot of Chris Ariens

At our recent Women Trailblazers event, we caught up with several women in media, marketing, advertising and entertainment to get their take on what Adweek has meant to them in their careers. It’s part of our ongoing series celebrating our 40th anniversary.

Linda Johnson Rice, chairwoman of Johnson Publishing, called Adweek “one of your go-to bibles to understand what is going on in your industry.” From someone who has been in publishing her whole life, that is high praise. We also caught up with Dawn Hudson and God-is Rivera, trailblazers both, about what Adweek has meant to them. Watch above.

@ChrisAriens chris.ariens@adweek.com Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.
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