What Happens When a Group of OMD Execs Jumps Ship and Moves to the East Village

Expertly pairing media with creative


Who From left: Co-founders Jonathan Haber, Marc Simons, Trevor Guthrie and Alan Cohen

What Media and content agency

Where East Village, N.Y. and Los Angeles, Calif.

Giant Spoon, launched by former OMD media execs, has been in business for just over a year but already works for marketers like GE, HP, Lincoln Motor Co., Lego, Amazon and Condé Nast. The agency combines creativity in strategy with its understanding of media, technology and culture.

"We want to elevate the thinking not so much for just media executives but for marketing CMOs. We do a lot of consulting and offer a lot of ideas and strategy," according to co-founder Alan Cohen.

For Cole Haan, Giant Spoon created a native ad that ran on The New York Times website featuring a New York City ballerina. For NBC's The Voice, viewers became judges through a virtual Oculus Rift experience. Giant Spoon's java-loving co-founders named the shop after their favorite addiction as well as the place saver for a coffee bar extension.

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