What’s on Adweek’s Live Shows, Podcasts and Webinars This Week: April 20-24

See the schedule for #AdweekTogether, The Way Forward, Elevate: AI and more

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Adweek has expanded its offering of live shows, webinars and virtual events during this financial crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Each week we’ll share a schedule of events and links, where applicable to tune in. All times are E.T.

Monday, April 20

Podcast: Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad.
Hosts: David Griner, creative and innovation editor, Adweek, and Ko Im, departments editor, Adweek. Guests: Jess Zafarris, audience engagement editor, Adweek, and David Cohen, editor, Social Pro Daily. 

Co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im take a deep dive into how the social media platforms have shifted in the time of coronavirus with Social Pro Daily editor David Cohen. Plus, audience engagement editor Jess Zafarris walks us through Adweek’s own engagement strategy.

Noon. #AdweekTogether: The Future of Experiential Marketing.
Host: Stephanie Paterik, executive editor, Adweek. Guest: Ian Zelaya, experience reporter, Adweek.

With social distancing the guidelines around the world, what does that mean for the future of experiential marketing? How are marketers pivoting their messaging in these times? Adweek’s experiential marketing reporter Ian Zelaya joins us.

3 p.m. Virtual Event: Elevate: AI

Artificial intelligence has permeated our daily lives, with marketers embedding the technology into their campaigns, customer experience and business ventures. Allowing for a deeper understanding of consumers’ habits and purchasing behaviors, AI provides opportunities for marketers to zero in on customers and personalize at scale.

This virtual event will feature two actionable live presentations, each followed by an interactive audience Q&A hosted by Lisa Granatstein, editor and svp of programming, Adweek. 

Tuesday, April 21

Noon. #AdweekTogether: What about D&I?
Host: Doug Zanger, agencies editor, Adweek. Guest: Glenn Singleton, president and founder, Pacific Educational Group

In a booming economy, issues of diversity and inclusion were generally top of mind in the brand marketing world. But what about now? Where does the discussion and the practice go from here? Glenn Singleton, Pacific Educational Group founder and creator of the Courageous Conversation strategy, joins us.

1 p.m. Webinar: Deploy a Global Campaign From the Comfort of Your Couch: Success in a Remote World.
Sponsor: Adstream

Working with a remote or decentralized workforce doesn’t have to be a barrier to deploying your next marketing campaign successfully. While current events have forced brands and agencies to set up remote teams, digital transformation provides the foundation to keep programs fresh and deployment seamless. That is, if you have the right technology in place.

4 p.m. I’m With the Brand Live, hosted by Ian Wishingrad. This week’s episode features Ben McKean, founder and CEO, Hungryroot.

Ian Wishingrad grills top executives of challenger brands trying to disrupt the marketplace. Hungryroot is a plant-based meal service that sends healthy, near-ready-to-eat meals to your front door.

Wednesday, April 22

Noon. #AdweekTogether: Finding Wisdom In Difficult Times.
Host: Ko Im, departments editor, Adweek. Guest: Jay Shetty, storyteller and influencer.

In a world of so much separation brought on by stay-at-home orders, where can creatives find togetherness? How can we all seek wisdom in these difficult times? Award-winning storyteller, podcaster and mindfulness champion Jay Shetty joins us with some tips.

1 p.m. Webinar: Build a Sustainable, Privacy-Friendly Marketing Measurement Practice: Validate Your Investment.
Sponsor: Neustar

It’s more important than ever for brand marketers to create a measurement and optimization strategy that can weather profound business and industry change—consumer privacy concerns, new regulations, global economic uncertainty. Still, tough questions need to be answered.

3 p.m. The Way Forward: Esports and Entertainment.
Host: Lisa Granatstein, editor, svp programming, Adweek. Guests: Meg Whitman, CEO, Quibi, and Chris Bruzzo, CMO, EA.

As we all adjust to the new realities of life and work, brand marketers are quickly adapting their businesses to better serve their customers and support frontline and essential workers. There’s a lot to grapple with and a lot to learn from this surreal experience. That’s why we’re introducing a weekly themed livestream video series, Adweek Presents: The Way Forward, where brand leaders, from CEOs to brand managers, will share thousand-foot views to boots-on-the-ground insights on how they are addressing everything from leadership amid adversity to realigning customer experiences to supply chain challenges and opportunities.

Thursday, April 23

Adweek Radio: Virtual Happy Hour.
Host: Josh Rios, video producer and editor, Adweek. Guest: Robert Klara, senior editor, Adweek.

Adweek Radio’s premiere episode discusses the alcohol industry in the times of COVID-19.

Noon. #AdweekTogether: Small Agency Survival.
Host: Jameson Fleming, chief of staff, Adweek. Guest: Brian Salzman, CEO and founder, RQ.

We’ve already seen what the pandemic has meant for large agencies and holding companies in terms of layoffs and furloughs, but what about the smaller agencies that often just get by? How are they streamlining their businesses for the future? Brian Salzman, CEO and founder of relationship marketing agency RQ, joins us.

1 p.m. Webinar: How to Coexist and Cocreate With Other Agencies: Collaboration Vs. Competition.
Sponsor: OpenText | Hightail

Advertisers on the hunt for the “best-of-the-best” often hire multiple agencies based on their expertise and strengths. While clients expect friendly agency-to-agency relationships, agencies frequently say that’s easier said than done. Competing agendas, differing processes and inconsistent templates can get in the way of the client’s goals.

Friday, April 24

Noon. #AdweekTogether: I’m With the Brand (from home).
Host: Stephanie Paterik, executive editor, Adweek. Guest: Ian Wishingrad, host of I’m With the Brand.

On the Adweek video series I’m With the Brand, host Ian Wishingrad asks rapid-fire questions to entrepreneurs on how they built their brands. Today, we’ll put Ian in the hot seat to hear all about how he built his brand, Three Wishes cereal.