Who Is 2019’s Top Advertiser? Vote Your Brand Picks in Adweek’s March Adness Bracket

Welcome to marketing's ultimate tournament

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Fellow advertising nerds, your kind of tournament bracket is finally here.

Welcome to March Adness, Adweek’s intense showdown of today’s most marketing-savvy brands in which absolutely nothing is on the line and all of this is just being done for fun.

That said, we’ve tried to take our jobs moderately seriously in naming the competitors in our March Adness bracket and ranking them each based on their reputation for strong advertising. Can a first-seed juggernaut like Burger King get toppled by a slick and sarcastic startup like Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin? Hey, anything can happen. You won’t find this kind of drama on live TV this month.

UPDATE: It’s all over, folks. In a shocking upset, 16-seed Aviation Gin vanquished several of today’s top marketers through a combination of savvy social engagement and Ryan Reynolds star power. Below you’ll find some of the earlier updates.

Did we overlook some obvious contenders? Almost certainly. Is our ranking system confoundingly arbitrary? Oh absolutely. Is there still time to update the bracket with reasonable suggestions from readers? No, not at all.

Voting in Round 1 will begin this week on Adweek’s Twitter feed, followed by Round 2 voting via Instagram Stories (so make sure you’re following @Adweek on Instagram too). Then we’ll be back to Twitter to finish off the final rounds.

You can view (and, heck, print and fill out) the 2019 March Adness bracket here. 

Round 1

UPDATE: Round 1 is closed, with several eyebrow-raising upsets! Check out the final tallies in tweets below, and be sure you’re following Adweek on Instagram so you can take part in Round 2 on Monday and Tuesday.

Here’s the schedule:

Round 1: March 18 to 21 via @Adweek on Twitter
Round 2: March 25 to 26 via @Adweek on Instagram
Round 3: March 27 and 28 on Twitter
Round 4: April 1 on Twitter
Round 5: April 2 and 3 on Twitter
Championship: April 4 to 7 on Twitter
Winner announced: April 8

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