Moffatt/Rosenthal continues its twisted take on advertising icons in a new self-promotion piece.
A one-page ad shows a doughy cartoonlike character with a strong resemblance to the Pillsbury Dough Boy trapped in a microwave oven. The little chef seems terrified as he presses up against the glass.
A human hand appears ready to press the start button. Below the photo illustration, text reads, “If it isn’t fresh, kill it,” ostensibly referring to advertising ideas.
The Portland, Ore., agency is sending the ad to prospective clients as part of its new-business kit.
Asked why the agency is promoting itself in such a dark way, president and CEO Al Moffatt responded, “We’re in Portland; we have to.”
A previous self-promotion piece showed what appeared to be the Rice Krispies elves, Snap, Crackle and Pop, face down in a bowl of cereal.
Moffatt says the ads definitely get attention. “People either love them or hate them,” he says. “The ads are like us–full of attitude.”
–Angela Dawson