Why Butterfinger Is Covering Up to $50,000 in NFL Excessive Celebration Fines

Part of brand's 'bold' Super Bowl campaign

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New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals players who hope to do a touchdown dance in the playoffs but don't want to pay a fine are in luck. Butterfinger has them covered.

As part of its Bolder Than Bold Super Bowl campaign, the Nestlé brand announced it will cover up to $50,000 in excessive celebration fines levied against NFL players through Super Bowl 50. 

Butterfinger tapped two bold stars to make the announcement: Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner and former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens. The duo hit the streets of New York and, in Eichner's classic style, asked people to show off their boldest end-zone celebrations in exchange for a Butterfinger.

"I may not be associated with sports, but I am a big pop-culture guy. And the Big Game is a moment and one day where sports and pop culture collide," Eichner told Adweek. "I love a big pop-cultural moment where everyone sits down and watches the same event live. I'm all about that, and I tweet. I'm all over social media." 

In his prime, Owens was known for his outlandish touchdown dances, which often resulted in fines. He once notoriously pulled a Sharpie out of his sock after scoring a touchdown, signed the ball and handed it to someone in the crowd.

"Having played in the Big Game before, it's an honor to be partnered with Butterfinger and what they are doing with the campaign," Owens told Adweek. "When I walk the streets now, not only just today, but since I haven't played in a while, people say I'm what's missing from the game—and that's that bold personality."

Butterfinger doesn't believe players can ever celebrate "excessively" after scoring a touchdown, Kristen Mandel, Butterfinger brand manager, said in a statement. "For us, the bolder the celebration, the better." 

Butterfinger may be open to all forms of on-field celebration, but the NFL tends to come down on players who get a little carried away. This season, for instance, the league fined Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown $11,576 after he attempted to bear hug the goalpost.

Butterfinger kicked off its Bolder Than Bold campaign by asking a professional skydiver to announce the brand's return to the Super Bowl after completing a 12,000-foot jump. No further details have been released about the campaign that will air on game day, but the brand continues to promise it will be bold. 

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