Why Employees Are the Best Link Between Brands and Customers

Open dialogue fuels trust-based marketing relationships

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One of the most effective marketing tools brands have at their disposal as the trust economy unfolds is their workforce. Peter Mühlmann, founder and CEO, Trustpilot, a global online review platform, says that since brands are constantly being talked about by consumers, they need to participate in that dialogue in order to be a trusted.

“The brand is no longer what they say it is, it’s what the costumer says it is,” said MĂĽhlmann in an interview after a panel called “Anxiety in the Security 3.0 World: Trust Marketing Strategies in the Age if Distrust.” The discussion was part of the second installment of Adweek and Bloomberg Media’s quarterly “Marketing in An Interruptive World” breakfast series in New York.

MĂĽhlmann said review sites and social media are important tools to share content, reviews  and employee interactions “everywhere where you have potential touchpoints with consumers” who are now the most trusted sources in the marketing economy, followed by employees.

“Invite your customers to tell them what they think about you—set your employees free to engage with them,” said MĂĽhlmann.

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@jcoopernyc james.cooper@adweek.com James Cooper is editorial director of Adweek.