Why L’Oréal Made 100 Women Cry in a Movie Theater, and What Brought Them to Tears

Fun stunt from McCann Mexico

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Here's a fun and inventive before-and-after test from L'Oréal and McCann Mexico.

The cosmetics company invited 100 women to a movie. Before the screening, they had their makeup done by L'Oréal beauty experts, who applied waterproof mascara. As part of the prep, the women also had their photo taken.

Then they were taken into the theater for the movie—and it certainly was an emotional one. Before long, the women were sobbing, as a story of "impossible love" played out. By the end, their makeup should have been a disaster—indeed, the women had their photo taken a second time after the screening to see how it held up.

It's a nice stunt, and a believable one (even if details like the 162 minutes of tears are exaggerated). And in some ways it's perfect that they don't mention the name of the film. This was surely a simple rights issue, but it gives the video a small extra dose of humor.


Client: L'Oréal

Agency: McCann México

Creative VP: Javi Carro

Creative Account Group Director: Joanna López

Associate Creative Director: Roberto Martínez

Senior Copywriter: Adria Jáuregui

Art Director: Myriam Barrios

Account Director: Audrey Amselli

Production Company: Unidad 59

Director: David "Leche" Ruiz

Production director: Juan González

Production: Rafael López

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