Why This Shop Is Breaking the Traditional Agency Model by Developing Its Own Gin

RTO+P is relaunching its liquor brand this fall

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Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners thinks it's found the perfect way to revive a gin brand created in 2008, a brand that the agency developed from scratch to better understand its clients and just do something outside of the normal creative work. RTO+P launched a new fall line of its gin product, with a new look and of course, a new taste, to draw in some new, younger gin drinkers.

TuB first came onto the scene in 2008, created as a partnership between the agency and Peach Street Distillers, but the agency continues to put resources into the project because "it allows us to further break the traditional agency model by becoming involved in the whole cycle of marketing, from product development to promotion to experience to distribution," Steve Red, chief creative officer at RTO+P, said.

From the beginning RTO+P has worked on all sides of the product from branding and packaging to marketing strategies and responsibilities, helping place past iterations of the product in the LA, New York and Chicago markets.

"That kind of immersive experience makes us better at what we do," Red added.

The latest line marks the brand's first special edition line. It's called Hoppy Plum and is made with juniper berries Palisade plums and Palisade Chinook Hops, perfect for the holiday season.

RTO+P wanted to revive the brand at this time of year in order to capitalize on the growing and changing spirits market which "has shifted wonderfully since we first launched TuB," according to Red. "People are now seeking out small crafted brands with carefully imagined ingredients. That's always been TuB, but the relaunch gives us a chance to put a new spin on it and introduce it to a new set of fans."

The new product will be available in select markets this holiday season.


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