Winning Prestige and Plastics

Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy Acquires One Club, NatureWorks
ATLANTA–Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy last week won a high-profile account within the agency world and another client no one will see for a while.
The Charlotte, N.C., shop was named agency of record for The One Club for Art and Copy, the New York-based organization of art directors and copywriters that sponsors The One Show. It also has been chosen by Cargill Dow Polymers–the recently formed joint venture between agricultural specialist Cargill and plastics manufacturer Dow Chemical– to handle brand strategy and relationship management.
Agency executive vice president and creative director Jim Mountjoy said LKM has been working with Cargill Dow since July, after topping two undisclosed competitors in a review last summer. He said the agency is developing the branding and positioning strategy for both the company and its new product, NatureWorks.
NatureWorks is the Minnetonka, Minn., company’s flagship product. A versatile new fiber and plastic packaging material, it can be used in producing clothing, upholstery, drink containers, food wrap and eating utensils.
Cargill Dow plans to open the first NatureWorks manufacturing plant in mid-2002. Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy is first focusing on b-to-b ads to “communicate to the world the product exists,” Mountjoy said.
The budget is expected to be in the seven-figure range, said Cargill Dow commercial development director John Ohman. No media agency has yet been named.
“The campaign will be designed in its full form, and we’re going to have a plan that’s ready to go full steam by 2002,” Ohman said. “[We] are going to make a jump from a pilot plant to a world-scale plant . . . This is not a gradual ramp up.”
The One Club win is seen more as a feather in the cap than a dollar in the pocket account for the agency.
“They pay you, but you consider it almost a public service,” Mountjoy said. “The key here is the exposure the agency will get, the people you meet, the creative challenges.
. . . When do you ever get 22 creative directors to agree on anything?” he added, referring to The One Club’s board of directors.
The One Club knows the Carolina agency well. The shop has won several of the club’s Pencils, most recently a gold in 1999 for its Outward Bound work. It also designed the cover for the current One Show annual and has worked on other project assignments.

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