Wireless Panel to Standardize Ads

The Wireless Advertising Association (WAA) will unveil a draft of standards for the delivery of mobile and wireless advertising. To be released later this month, the standards are intended to make ads on PDAs, wireless phones and voice/audio portals more viable.

“It is critical that everyone in the industry rally around a common language that describes the delivery and measurement of ads–particularly since the stakeholders in the wireless marketing arena are so diverse,” said Don Albert, vice chairman of the WAA and senior vp of sales and marketing at fusionOne, a wireless synchronization company.

In addition to fusionOne, the WAA’s members include AdForce, AOLMobile, AT&T Wireless, AvantGo, DoubleClick, Motorola and Vindigo. The organization’s goal is to create standard units for wireless advertising, making it more comprehensible to prospective buyers.

At the WAA meeting, to be held in San Francisco on June 26, more standards and definitions will be released. The WAA will also work to define creative standards for advertising.

From Adweek’s Technology Marketing magazine