With a Quiet Approach You’re Sure to See More of, McDonald’s France Advertises Its Reopening

DDB Paris captures an empty restaurant unlocking its doors

Image of a McDonald's drive-thru worker at a window
The 'Come Back As You Are' campaign marks the reopening of McDonald's restaurants in France. McDonald's France

As Covid-19 ravaged France, tragically claiming the lives of 30,000 residents, the country went into full lockdown to halt the disease’s spread. Now, after an 11-week shutdown, restaurants are beginning to reopen.

To promote the doors being open at McDonald’s locations throughout the country, DDB Paris created a charming spot with a touch of nostalgia. The spot’s narration plays on the breadth of people, from all walks of life and of all ages, who enjoy McDonald’s food.

The spot’s balance of warm copy with solemn visuals of a new day dawning also give a clear example of the kinds of advertising you can expect to see around the world in the weeks and months ahead as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

France is the second most profitable McDonald’s market in the world, according to the agency, and for maximum impact the brand first ran the 60-second TV ad directly after the broadcast of a speech by President Emmanuel Macron announcing the easing of lockdown measures on June 14.

The film takes place in an empty McDonald’s restaurant as staff prepare for its reopening, and is also running online and on social media.

As the camera pans over different areas of the restaurant, a voiceover says, “Here, very soon, Sam is going to order a Big Mac without pickles.

“Here, very soon, gossip, hashtags, and oh my Gods.

“Here, over a Happy Meal, Mia is going to see her little cousin Ethan with one baby tooth less.”

The spot ends with the McDonald’s France tagline: “Come as you are,” briefly transformed into “Come back as you are.”

The tagline will also appear in print as part of the campaign, starting July 1.

Executive creative director: Alexander Kalchev
Creative director: Mélanie Pennec
Copywriters: Mélanie Pennec, Raphaël Porcheron
Management: Paul Ducré, Julie Garguillo, Coralie Bouillier, Cécile Malvache
Brand management:: Xavier Royaux, Anne Lainé, Leïla Abdallaoui
Head of TV production: Corinne Persch
Director: Olivier Babinet
Production company: Henry
Production manager: Camille Havard Bourdon
Producer: Hugo Diaz
Post-producer: Sébastien Gros
Music supervisor: Marine Cremer
Author / composer: JB Dunckel
Publisher: Prototype recording
Sound studio : Capitaine Plouf
Producer: Guillaume Le Guen
Print producer: Julie Pacton
Social media manager: Sébastien Balondrade

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