With So Many Break-Out Super Bowl Ads, Pepsi Has Some Valuable Lessons to Impart

Aim to connect with audiences with such a tremendous opportunity

Cardi B holding up a can of Pepsi; a still image from a Super Bowl commercial
Pepsi's Super Bowl spots are popular for a variety of reasons, and the celebrities they recruit is one of those reasons. PepsiCo
Headshot of Todd Kaplan

There truly is nothing quite like the Super Bowl. It’s an anomaly in today’s fragmented media landscape, as nothing else can bring together over 115 million viewers into a single live TV moment where they look forward to watching the advertisements as part of the entertainment. Yet a number of marketers regularly avoid participating in the Super Bowl, citing the cost needed to secure a 30-second spot and how it isn’t as efficient as other alternatives in reaching the same amount of (more targeted) eyeballs.

Todd Kaplan is vp of marketing at PepsiCo.