WongDoody on Save Our Seas Duty

LOS ANGELES Seaweb and the Ocean Wilderness Network, two nonprofit environmental coalitions, are launching their first multimedia campaign calling for greater preservation of the ocean.

The pro bono campaign, created by WongDoody in Los Angeles, breaks April 29. It includes radio, print and broadcast public service announcements that compare visible destruction on land to the destruction that occurs below the water. The effort is meant to “help people understand that just because they can’t see inside the ocean, it doesn’t mean the problem does not exist,” said Ben Wiener, managing partner of WongDoody here.

One 30-second television spot has three bulldozers pushing rubbish at a gray landfill. The onscreen copy: “Not all destruction is this visible.” As the scene shifts to an ocean setting, text reads, “Less than 1 percent of our ocean is protected. Help protect more.”

Two print ads show a single blue wave across the top of a land-based image, which is meant to represent the level of destruction that is occurring in the ocean. One ad shows a landfill beneath the wave, while the other shows a decimated forest.

Each ad points viewers to a Web site, LessThanOne.org. “We branded LessThanOne.org as the consumer’s entering point for ocean conservation,” said Wiener. He added that the shop chose to focus on that statistic because it was compelling.

The campaign will run for six months, beginning in Southern California and eventually spreading up the coast to Washington. Ploughshares, an agency that specializes in assisting pro bono clients, secured all of the donated media.

WongDoody began working with Seaweb of Washington, D.C., last December.