Yahoo!, Blue Mountain Greet Mom Quickest

Did you remember to send your mom a card yesterday? Some may have been caught a little behind the curve, and had to resort to an electronic greeting card. According to a study by Mercury Interactive, a provider of enterprise testing and application performance management tools, Yahoo! and Blue Mountain e-card services would have delivered the cards the quickest.

Tested over a seven-day period, every fifteen minutes, were: Egreetings Network, Excite@Home’s BlueMountain, Yahoo!, MSN and The report found that reviewing a regular HTML e-card with static graphics took an average of 3.54 seconds; e-cards using multimedia, such as Flash, took almost twice that long, at 6.8 seconds.

Animated GIFs typically took 1.8 to 2.4 seconds to download, on average. Static GIFs were much faster, between 0.3 and 0.45 seconds.

The worst-performing multimedia e-cards took an average of 9.5 seconds to download. The report concludes that “consumers will find the best performance for standard cards at Yahoo!, and for those with more advanced animation, BlueMountain offers the best performance overall.”

From Adweek Magazines’ Technology Marketing (formerly Marketing Computers)