Y&R Shifts KFC’s Focus

Aiming at People on the Move, the Agency Injects a Little More Humor Into New Spots
NEW YORK–Moving away from a focus on families, Young & Rubicam has taken a humorous tack in a new campaign for KFC, which breaks today during the Academy Awards broadcast.
Three TV spots are designed to appeal to younger people on the go. The first features Bobby, a hapless, oft-traded baseball player. As Bobby rides the bus with progressively smaller and more remote teams, he takes comfort in the Colonel’s Crispy Strips.
A voiceover says: “Just because you’re always on the go, doesn’t mean you can’t take along the chicken you crave.” The spot ends with a bus driving by rice paddies and the player asking the Kinitsu Carps’ team mascot, “Is there a KFC around here?” The man-size fish makes a “search me” gesture with its fins.
Y&R group creative director Chris Grabenstein said a second spot will air in time for Mother’s Day. He said a third spot features a young man zealously volunteering to give car rides to unwilling family members as an excuse to stop at KFC. Ultimately, he takes a goldfish on a trip to the vet.
The spots feature a new tag, “Isn’t it time for some really good chicken?” which had appeared in four teaser ads tailored for the Winter Olympics. The old tag was, “Everybody needs a little KFC.”
Sources said about $10 million will be spent on the push. KFC spent $168 million on advertising last year, per Competitive Media Reporting.