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A Note to the Graduating Class From Someone Who Saw His Fair Share of Low Points

Even dream jobs have nightmare days and even the people at the top sometimes wonder whether they have any business being in this business.

People throwing up graduation caps with question marks in the air as well

Agency Pros Share Crucial Advice for New Graduates Entering the Industry

There's realism, but optimism remains as advertising changes rapidly during the pandemic.

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On the Adweek Podcast: How to Launch Your Career the Right Way

Adweek writers and editors share lessons from the 2019 Adweek Grad Guide, including tips on landing your first job and making the most of mentoring opportunities.

Advertising Experts Offer Advice to Young Creatives Trying to Make It in the Field

'Only go into advertising if you love communication.'

How to Leverage Your Alumni Network to Land a Job in Advertising

It's one of the strongest networks at your disposal and shouldn't be overlooked.

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8 Tips to Help Perfect Your Interviewing Game

Opinion: And how you can present yourself in the best light possible.

5 Body-Language Tips for Pulling Off the Perfect Job Interview

We spoke with a hiring manager and an expert in nonverbal communication about how to put your best foot forward.

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How to Create a Killer Professional Website, Straight From the Pros

Experts from Squarespace and Square eCommerce share advice on how to build a site that speaks volumes of your work.

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Tips for Recent Grads Straight From the Recruiter’s Perspective

Opinion: And how directors of talent can help you throughout your career.

5 Tricks for Navigating a New Work Environment When You’re the Youngest Employee

While also making sure you leave your mark on that organization.

A cover to a magazine; The cover

Adweek’s 2019 Grad Guide to Marketing, Media and More

From nailing interviews to making a professional website.

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What's in your CV could make or break getting a job interview.

Why New College Grads Shouldn’t Hesitate to Leave Unfulfilling Jobs

Personal happiness should outweigh the optics of 'job hopping.'