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    Brands Won’t Master Viral Video Until They Change Their Approach

    In the past, celebrity endorsers ruled the marketing world. Their recognizable faces and voices, which came with huge price tags, backed every major ad campaign. But over the last few years that system has drastically changed. For a fraction of the cost, brands can get their messages out with an entirely different approach that is likely to be even more engaging: user-generated videos.

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    How Brands Can Decode Mobile Purchasing Habits for Better Engagement

    Today more than ever before, the path to purchase tends to pass through mobile. According to Forrester, more than a third of all domestic sales this year will involve mobile at some point in the purchase cycle, from initial awareness to product research to in-store price comparisons.

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    This New Video Ad Format Only Plays When You’re Actually Watching It

    As the Internet becomes an increasingly limitless playground, people spend more and more of their time online watching digital video.

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    This New Image Recognition Tool Will Change How Brands Use Social Media

    Brands today have an image problem. The Web has become exponentially more visual in the past decade, yet many marketers have failed to address this shift with technology and analytics.