Richard Brunelli

  • Tribune Co.: Work in Progress


    On April 1, 2009, anyone who typed into his favorite browser would have learned the big news surrounding The Accelerator. As the home page of the Chicago-based Tribune Company’s […]

    Widgets Gone Wild

    Brand Marketing

    NEW YORK It was clear widgets had arrived when the first-ever conference devoted to marketing via the small, portable Web applications, WidgetCon 2007, hit New York this past July, drawing […]

    Special Report: Zinczenko Guides ‘Men’s Health’

    Brand Marketing

    NEW YORK There was a time not too long ago when David Zinczenko could count on a good night’s sleep. “I’ve become the master of the 30-second phone call and […]

    Ray-Ban Wayfarers: Made in the Shade

    Brand Marketing

    If ever there was a brand of sunglasses that has had a love affair with the camera, it’s Ray-Ban’s boxy Wayfarers. One of the brand’s big breaks was in 1961, […]

    Burberry, Back in Fashion

    Brand Marketing

    NEW YORK Until the 1990s, when people thought of Burberry what mostly sprang to mind was its iconic trench coat. Famous for its tailored lines, functional gabardine fabric (created by […]

    Birkenstock: From Hippie to Hipster

    Brand Marketing

    NEW YORK If you want to bring the buzz back to a brand that dropped off the relevancy scale in the mid 1970s—its cool factor having peaked with freethinkers drenched […]

    Lacoste: Renaissance of a Reptile

    Brand Marketing

    NEW YORK When René Lacoste designed his first line of short-sleeved, collared tennis shirts in 1933, the French tennis great, nicknamed “the Crocodile” for his tenacity, had no idea he […]

    Special Report: Syndication

    Brand Marketing

    NEW YORK Even in death, Merv Griffin remains a player.One of television’s greatest innovators, Griffin, who passed away last month, was, of course, the genius behind the Jeopardy! and Wheel […]

    A-B Media Guru Solomon Charts Course

    Brand Marketing

    NEW YORK – Jerry Solomon, the man who played a dominant role in making Anheuser-Busch the most powerful presence in sports media, will leave the St. Louis-based brewer at the […]

    Optimedia May Handle U.S. Media for FCB

    Brand Marketing

    CHICAGO – Hoping to keep pace with the increasingly global aspirations of multi-national clients and media conglomerates, top execs at Foote, Cone & Belding Communications and Optimedia, the freestanding European […]