Sarah L. Stewart

  • What Coachella’s Snapchat Partnership Can Teach Brands About Customer Experience

    Brands have long tapped into popular music trends, but this summer offers something different: opportunities to integrate with live music events through new video streaming and storytelling platforms. This is no niche audience, either. About 32 million people attend at least one music festival in the U.S.

    How Brands Should Adapt to the Tech-Driven Future of Customer Experience

    For many brands, curating a cutting-edge customer experience at the pace of technology can present a real challenge. Emerging tech is unpredictable, and brands don't know where they'll need to connect with their customers next. After all, it wasn't long ago that tweeting was something only songbirds did.

    Best Western’s Geocaching Treasure Hunt Boosts Mobile Traffic 10%

    Perhaps no mode of travel is as all-American as the road trip: There's just something about a full tank of gas and the open highway that spells freedom. And perhaps no stretch of roadway is more all-American than the iconic Route 66, the 2,400-mile ribbon of pavement that reaches from Chicago to Los Angeles—and into the imagination of a generation of American travelers.

    Marriott’s Grassroots Approach to Reaching Millennial Travelers

    As baby boomers retire in increasing numbers, hotels that rely heavily on business travelers must adapt to a new generation of executives. An in-room coffee machine and free morning newspaper aren't going to cut it for millennials, who demand a tech-savvy, highly personalized travel experience from booking to checkout.

    These Outdoor Brands Learned to Embrace Their Customers’ Love of Disconnecting

    The average businessperson travels with three wireless-enabled devices, providing inroads for digital marketing at nearly every moment of the day.