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    Truly Altruistic Ads Don’t Just Raise Money, They Enrich the Culture

    Brand Marketing

    In the good ol' days before pesky digital came along, making content was a problem for the TV networks. Now, with social media and YouTube dominating our attention spans, it's also a challenge that marketers and agencies must face daily.

    And there's one idea in this new reality that's already becoming its own cliché: altruism.

    This Is How Click Bait Can Make Your Ads Better

    Brand Marketing

    Everybody is trying to eat each other. For years traditional agencies have been acquiring or developing digital resources with varying degrees of success. And as digital agencies have become powerhouses in their own right, it’s only natural that they have begun to eye a broader spectrum of communications to sustain growth.

    Does the Video Game Industry Hold the Keys to the Future of Advertising?

    Brand Marketing

    There’s an argument that the escalated prices of spots in last week's Super Bowl is nothing more than proof of its ever-declining value—the last gasp of traditional advertising. Year in and out, the big networks continue to lose viewers to other platforms and channels.

    Voice: Your Helveti-topia Awaits

    Brand Marketing

    You’ve seen them. Those videos that giant technology companies create to demonstrate their vision. In the spots, people do ordinary things—they fly places and use parking meters and do stuff at work and then go shopping.