Tom Goodwin

  • Here Are 6 New Ways to Make Mobile Advertising Work


    There is a long-held principle in advertising that the time we spend in a channel should correlate closely with media spending. And in an age when our smartphones dominate our lives, becoming our primary access point to the Internet and the real world around us, the need for money to follow is massive.

    Black outline of a face eating something white and curly on an orange background.

    Is Vagueness Killing Advertising?

    Brand Marketing

    The rise in popularity of mobile advertising, content marketing, native advertising and the continued focus on digital leads me to one question: Does anyone really know what they are?

    3 Trends That Make the Apple Watch Important for Marketers


    In June 2007, Apple changed its name from Apple Computers to Apple, a small change in wording that signified a vast shift in focus.

    8 Media Buzzwords That We’ve Lost Forever

    Brand Marketing

    We’ve long lamented the rise of trendy language in advertising and business, but while we’ve played buzzword bingo and occasionally pointed fingers at those who speak in clichés, something more serious lies beneath the jargon.