Portrait of Ana Andjelic

Ana Andjelic

Ana Andjelic is a strategy executive, writer and doctor of sociology who specializes in modern luxury brands.

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5 Ways Social Commerce Is Changing the Way We Shop


Social commerce will turn us all into shoppable product demos and our life into a catalogue of stylized products.

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Why Every Brand Should Be Watching the Emerging Beauty Industry

Brand Marketing

The field is adapting, engaging and personalizing at the speed of selfie.

New Tech Touch Points Aren’t Killing Retail. They’re Bringing It Back to Its Personal Roots

Brand Marketing

Retail expert Ana Andjelic argues that, while legacy brands face fragmentation, new players like Goop and Net-a-Porter are centralizing the experience.

Fashion Brands, Long Focused on Excess, Are Finally Waking Up to Sustainability

Brand Marketing

When Yael Aflalo, founder of buzzy fashion retailer Reformation, experienced first-hand the scale of Chinese pollution, she made a decision. Today, her company has a near-religious focus on reducing waste by incorporating sustainable practices throughout its supply chain.

As Luxury Brands Embrace Data, Will They Use It Like a Butler or a Stalker?

Brand Marketing

The secret to the luxury dollar today is what consumers do, not what they own. This shift in luxury spending makes brands reconsider their own articulation of value and the core they built their business around.

The New York Times’ Facebook Deal May Prove to Be ‘Growth Hacking’ at Its Best


The New York Times, among a small cadre of other outlets, today announced it will start publishing selected articles directly into Facebook's News Feed. Some think the move historic; others deem it unremarkable.

The Real Reason Apple Is Crashing the Luxury Party

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After attending a recent party in Paris, Alber Elbaz, creative director of luxury fashion house Lanvin, was perusing photos of the glitzy affair when he was struck by one particular group that drew in energy. They weren't models. They weren't fashion creatives. They were tech executives.

How Apple Became China’s Most Coveted Luxury Brand

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When a Chinese publishing group recently released its consumer survey of the luxury market in China, the top ranking wasn't held by a brand like Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes. Instead, Apple was named this year's preferred brand for gifting among China's richest men and women.