Ann-Marie Alcántara

Ann-Marie Alcántara

Ann-Marie Alcántara is a tech reporter for Adweek, focusing on ecommerce.

New Salesforce Report Shows How Retail Marketers ‘Future Proof’ Themselves

AI, customer experience and real-time engagement are just some of the areas 900 marketers are zeroing in on.

Amazon’s Chief Evangelist for Alexa and Echo Devices Thinks Voice is the New HTML

It’s not a smart speaker revolution—it’s a voice revolution, said David Isbitski at Shoptalk.

Pinterest’s CEO on How the App ‘Mimics the Best Parts of Offline Shopping’

During a talk at Shoptalk, Ben Silbermann explained the platform's goals and how it aligns with retailers.

Google Is Bringing Shoppable Ads to Images Results

The company announced at Shoptalk 2 new capabilities for retailers.

Gap’s President and CEO Gets Honest About the Necessary ‘Compromises’ Ahead

A few days after shocking the industry, Art Peck spoke at Shoptalk and shared where the company is headed next.

Dollar Shave Club’s Evolution Continues With a Whole New Line of Deodorant Products

Dollar Shave Club is still going full-steam with its 2.0 vision, with a new ad and items for men.

3 Takeaways From Macy’s, Facebook’s and Nordstrom’s Retail Strategies

The three companies break down why the customer is dictating the rate at how fast they move and release new things.

Pinterest Adds a Series of New Updates to Make the App More of a Shopping Destination

The new features will make it easier for retailers to serve shoppable items while giving users more to shop from.

Yet Another DTC Brand Debuted in Target Stores Earlier This Month

Oars and Alps joins a growing list of companies

Consumers Find Voice Ads ‘Less Intrusive’ Than Others, According to Adobe Report

The new study looks at smart speaker ownership post-holiday season, and what consumers are looking for.