Portrait of Betsy Henning

Betsy Henning

  • Betsy Henning is the CEO and founder of AHA, an award-winning creative agency in Vancouver, Washington, that specializes in helping companies transform their brand marketing to meet the changing world in which we live.

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    Finding a Purpose That Makes Sense for Your Brand

    Brand Marketing

    It should be consistent with your company’s values and priorities.

    As Brands Become Increasingly Purpose-Driven, They Can Look to Nonprofits for Inspiration

    Brand Marketing

    In a world of social and political upheaval, it's important to take notes from industry predecessors.

    Why Marketers and Corporate Responsibility Teams Need to Collaborate When Illustrating Brand Values


    Consumers have come to expect companies to show purpose.

    How to Find the Corporate Partnership That Works Best With Your Brand

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    Social, political, environmental and economic stances come into play.