Portrait of Danielle Wiley

Danielle Wiley

Danielle Wiley is CEO of influence marketing agency Sway Group.

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The Right Way to Do Influencer Marketing During Covid-19


This is a time for proactive brand communications through influencer marketing.

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Disregard Speculation—Influencer Marketing Is Still a Necessity in Strategies


Some wonder if there is (or was) a bubble and how that might affect marketers.

How to Craft an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Will Outperform Traditional Advertising

Brand Marketing

It seems more authentic than a scripted message from a brand.

5 Benefits That Come From Working With an Influencer Agency of Record

Brand Marketing

Otherwise it's a part of your strategy that doesn't get the attention it needs.

#MeToo and #TimesUp Have Done Their Part. It’s Time for Higher-Ups to Do Theirs


Management must step up or these movements could fall short.

How Mom Bloggers Helped Create Influencer Marketing

Brand Marketing

The desire for supportive groups of like-minded people made influencer marketing a natural next step.

5 Ways for Influencers to Leverage Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm


Opinion: It’s all about great content and making sure that content can be found.