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David Griner

David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad." He's been covering agencies, creativity, technology and marketing innovation for more than a decade.

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Apple’s Chinese New Year Ad Is About a Child, a Mythical Monster and Confronting Our Fears

Ad of the Day

Chinese New Year has quickly become a milestone on the advertising calendar for major brands, especially those looking to establish a stronger foothold in the region and with people of [...]

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Lady Gaga Oreos Hit Shelves Today, With a Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Signed Packs Underway

Food & Beverage

Clues will lead fans on a 24-hour chase across multiple accounts.

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A Child Unboxes His Parents’ Unlocked Handgun in This Unnerving PSA

Ad of the Day

Grey New York highlights that 4.6 million U.S. kids live in homes with unsecured firearms.

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Tag Team Says Geico Was Their First Invite in 30 Years to Be More Than Just a Soundtrack


The duo shares how the brand's (Whoomp!) There It Is revival came to be.

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Hello, Gamers: ‘Old Spice Guy’ Isaiah Mustafa Is Back in Targeted UK Ad


It’s been more than a decade since Isaiah Mustafa resonantly charmed his way into the hearts of America through his game-changing 2010 Old Spice ad, “The Man Your Man Could [...]

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What to Expect in Post-Pandemic Production After a Year That Altered Almost Everything


The industry may normalize in 2021, but it's likely to look very different from what came before.

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Here Are 2020’s Best Ads, Packed Into 3 Minutes

Ads of the Year

Before we declare this brutally unforgiving year over, we might as well take a moment to think back on one of the few positives: the wide range of creative ways [...]

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Nickelback Just Remade the Video for ‘Photograph’ as a Hilarious Ad for Google Photos


Singer Chad Kroeger pokes plenty of fun at his own hair with the branded "lyrical refresh."

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Adweek Podcast: How Brands Turned to Social Media in 2020

Adweek Podcasts

If you felt more dialed into (and emotionally invested in) social media this year, that’s almost certainly because you didn’t have a whole lot of options in terms of where [...]

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Iggy Pop Looks Ahead to When We Can All Meet on the Beach in This Touching UK Ad

Life in Quarantine

It was only a year ago that Iggy Pop narrated a darkly humorous campaign about why we all needed to get out to the beach as soon as possible. But [...]