Dawn Colossi, CMO, FocusVision

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    What Your Customer Research Is Missing

    Message dilution is costing more than a quarter of companies at least $10 million annually, according to the study. Fixing this problem starts with the customer.

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    3 Keys to Uncovering Your Customer’s Truths

    To truly resonate with consumers, brands need to understand their customers holistically. This means glimpsing into customers’ lives, attitudes, opinions and values to uncover their truths.

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    Digital Transformation Success Depends on People, Not Just Technology

    While brands, as a whole, are scrambling to transform, it’s the CMO who is in the best position to lead the charge into the Experience Economy.

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    Being a Socially Active Brand Begins and Ends With a Commitment to Customer Truth

    Consumers increasingly expect brands to support a cause, and they reward them with their business.

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    3 Shifts You Need to Make to More Fully Connect With Customers

    It’s time to figure out what it takes to authentically connect your brand story to your customers’ brand story. These three essential shifts in the way you develop, test and engage your customers are key.

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    For Marketers Today, It’s All About the Experience, Stupid

    The main effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to put customers at the epicenter of the economy. Improving how customers are served must be a business’s primary consideration.

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    Move Past the Voice of the Customer and Into the Mind of the Customer

    More than ever, brands need to connect with people on an emotional level to learn customer truth.