Portrait of Fernando Machado

Fernando Machado

  • Fernando Machado is a global marketer with a passion for growing brands and businesses. Currently, as global CMO at Burger King, Fernando’s focus is infusing the brand with purpose, modernizing the design and inspiring the organization around brand development. With more than 120 Lions in Cannes (five GPs), 16 D&AD Yellow Pencils, one Grandy (McWhopper) and two Grand Effies in North America, Fernando is known for pushing the creative boundaries to drive business growth.

    5 Lessons Burger King Learned by Unleashing the Moldy Whopper


    Global CMO Fernando Machado: 'Facing criticism is part of doing something great, something different.'

    Letters on a Burger King sign are being put up; The sign says, "Billions Served;" In the bottom a title says "The Whopper Detour

    The Inside Story of the Burger King Campaign That Changed the Brand’s Entire Outlook on Marketing


    Global CMO Fernando Machado shares the long road to Whopper Detour and its 37:1 ROI.