Portrait of Jay Friedman

Jay Friedman

  • Jay Friedman is president and partner of Goodway Group.

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    Why Recent Privacy Initiatives Do More Harm Than Good for Marketers and Consumers


    It’s likely that only a small portion of users will have a more private internet experience.

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    Why a Refocused Emphasis Needs to Be Put on AI and Not on Social


    'History doesn't favor Facebook.'

    3 Ways to Ensure Ad-Tech Spend Is Creating Actual Value


    As opposed to underutilizing and using it inefficiently.

    How Consultancies Can Avoid Devaluing Themselves When Entering Into Programmatic Ad Buying


    It's a frustrating fate that holding companies have already experienced.

    3 Ways to Avoid Fluctuation Between In-Housing and Outsourcing Programmatic Media


    The back and forth actually costs more than any projected savings.

    Facebook Has a Trump Problem


    I’ve recently been personally feeling like Facebook is becoming less and less tolerable given the post-election climate. Not that I enjoyed the screaming back and forth from the 2008 or [...]