Portrait of Joachim Scholz

Joachim Scholz

Joachim Scholz is a marketing professor at Brock University and a member of our Adweek Academic Council. His award-winning research explores augmented reality, social media controversies and branding in digitally-infused and hyperconnected societies.


The Hallmark Channel Has to Be Brave to Evolve Its Brand


Companies can utilize a radically different strategy when being accused of moral wrongdoing.

a phone screen showing an ocean with animals swimming on the left and a screen on the right of someone with an uncle sam filter on their face

Augmented Reality Is Having a Moment. Don’t Miss Out


Here are some tips on how to get involved in this exciting technology.

Zola commercial same sex couple hallmark 2019

Lessons From Hallmark Channel’s Flip-Flopping on Running the Same-Sex Zola Ad


Hallmark ran, then pulled, then ran again an ad with a lesbian couple kissing, which ended up angering people on both sides of the issue.