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Ford Made a Crib That Simulates a Car Ride, So Babies Everywhere Can Finally Drift Off


And sleepless parents everywhere want one.

April Fools’ Day 2017: Our Roundup of All the Best Brand Hoaxes


See all of this year's coolest and funniest pranks.

Crayola Is Vowing to Retire One Crayon From Its Iconic Box of 24 This Week


Crayola is promising/threatening to remove one crayon color from its iconic box of 24 on “National Crayon Day” this Friday. That happens to be the day before April Fools’ Day, […]

My Local Animal Shelter’s Adorable, Low-Budget ‘Kitty Kommercial’ Rockets to Stardom


My local no-kill shelter's low-budget cat ad just went viral.

Furkids is an Atlanta shelter that's a short distance from my house. I've donated, am on their email list, and have frequented their thrift shop. So it was a surprise to wake up one morning and find that Reddit had rocketed this little shelter to stardom overnight.

Here’s the Story Behind the Delightful Stop-Motion Films for Star Wars Rogue One’s Toys


Back in September, Star Wars introduced its megamillion-dollar line of Rogue One toys with four stop-motion videos directed by Tucker Barrie and Dan MacKenzie, who worked on Charlie Kaufman's Academy Award-nominated film Anomalisa.

The campaign ran on the Star Wars YouTube channel and was a collaboration between Disney's Lucasfilm and creative network Tongal. It also kicked off a global competition that asked fans to share their "rogue stories" and win a trip to Rogue One's December premiere at the Presidio in San Francisco. (You can see the winners of that contest here.)

AdFreak caught up with Barrie to ask him about the making of the videos. See the videos here, and scroll below for our Q&A:

Ad of the Day: Acceptance Is the Greatest Gift in This Lovely Christmas Ad From Sweden

Brand Marketing

Being with your family during the holidays can be awkward, and it can be especially awkward if you're a teenager who's transitioning from male to female. Elkjøp, an electronics chain in Norway, has created this heartwarming Christmas ad about understanding and acceptance between a father and his daughter.